Fellowship with Netherland TRS

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location: Netherlands

Event Description: Tr. Varun from SRT 166 attended the Inter Area Fellowship of KRT 138 @ Residency Hotel, Karur.

Trs from SRT 166 had been to Europe for summer Vacations and met some of the Trs from Netherlands. Tr. Sharath also attended the Annual Cycling Event held in Netherlands .

On First Day of the cycling event Tr. Sharath was hosted by Trs of Woerden, where in he also exchanged pins with the Chairman Frank and Area 6 Chairman Mike. He expressed the great hospitality from Woerden Trs.

On Second Day they Had breakfast @ Tr. Peters place and started cycling from Woerden to Rotterdam. It was a long sunny day of Cycling with 62 kms of pedaling surpassing canals, windmills and Dykes. Also swimmed in the canals and Reached Rotterdam which was bombarded after World War 2. Hence all new buildings were found in the City.

On Third Day after breakfast @ Rotterdam left the place. There was lot of up hill & down hill Cycling trough the country side. Took ferries to go to Voorne. It was a very beautiful Island. Trs of 109 were waiting for them. They peddled and visited the Bunkers built by Germans during world war 2. Trs of 109 had arranged a great Barbecue party for everyone in the night.

Tr. Sharath expressed the happiness and said he was lucky to be hosted by them. Also said one should attend the Cycling event that happens in Netherlands in their life time. Rest of the Trs from SRT 166 also had great time.

Tr. Sharath, Tr. Srigiri, Tr. Sriram, Tr. Dhananjay and Sq. Leg Naren along with their wives were part this Europe tour and Fellowship.

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