Fellowship with Sri Lankan TRS

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location: Resto Bar Skytower Hotel, Colombo

Event Description: 

Tr. Varun shared his wonderful experience with the Srilankan Trs when he was in Colombo on 11th June. He was accompanied by Tr. Shabbhir for the Srt 3 Business Meet @ the roof top Hotel. Met the Past President Tr. Jabbir & Current President Tr. Mubharak.

They also invited us for the World Meet supposed to be held in September. Witnessed the warmth & freindliness of Srilankan Trs.

After the meeting & dinner he was accompanied by Tr. Zulfir who is called the Ola Man of Srilanka for a small City Tour.

Around 20 trs were present.

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