Freedom Drive Initiative

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location: Chikmagalur Golf Club

Attendance: No. of CRT164 Tablers: 12
Honorary Tablers: 2
No. of visiting Tablers: 3
Prospect: 1

Event Description: 

Freedom Drive Initiative
As the vehicle approached the our golf club parking, we could see the wordings “The Great Expedition” written in bold on the vehicle’s bonnet. And that is exactly what these 3 tablers, Tr. Adithya Garg from IIRT 296, Tr. Sourabh Agarwal & Tr. Umang Agarwal from BLCRT269 were doing. It is a fellowship drive of humungous proportions. A zeal to meet & socialize with as many tablers as possible from all over India!

And when we from Chikmagalur Round Table got the word that they will be passing through our humble town, we couldn’t wait but to meet these champions of freedom drive.

The race against time
Ever since we got word of this Freedom drive initiative, we wanted to meet & connect with these mavericks. But we were worried that they will miss us completely as their initial itinerary completely skipped our town and touched major cities in Karnataka instead. But fortunately a last minute change in their itinerary ensured we could squeeze into their schedule. The visiting tablers were on a busy eir vehicle in Bangalore only ate into their time even more. They barely had half a day to reach our town, be part of our meeting & and then head towards Shimoga for fellowship with Shimoga tables and an overnight stay in Shimoga. Against all these odds they still managed to reach us at 8:30 PM.

Meeting Called to Order
A quick snacking to fill the traveler’s stomachs, we immediately started the meeting as the visiting tablers had no time to spare. Meeting started with our Chairmen Tr. Nishchit welcoming everyone, especially Tr. Adithya Garg from IIRT 296, Tr. Sourabh Agarwal & Tr. Umang Agarwal from BLCRT269. He also thanked them to make time & add miles in their journey to come & join us. The whole table also echoed the same note of thank you. Pins were exchanged between them and our table.

Until Next Time!
Time flies when you are in good company. And before we realized, it was already time to bid adieu. But not before we take a picture in front of the much celebrated vehicle. The beast that has chewed & spit out thousands of miles & made this tour de force possible. After the photo session, we said our good byes. Although a brief event, it was still filled with lots of great memories to cherish. We are forever thankful to Tr. Adithya Garg from IIRT 296, Tr. Sourabh Agarwal & Tr. Umang Agarwal from BLCRT269 for making this trip of a lifetime & making us a small part of this.

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