Joint Fellowship report with Shimoga Tablers

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location:  Coffee Bean Home Stay

Number of Tablers: 10

Event Description: It was one of those spur of the moment thing. Nothing was planned nor communicated well in advance. But when news got out that Shimoga tablers are travelling to Chikmagalur, even if they were in Chikmagalur for other business we couldn’t wait but to meet them at least for a Brunch!

We Chikmagalur Round Tablers take brunch very very seriously Even though it was not planned in advance, still our Chairman Tr. Nishchit’s attention to detail in organizing this event was outstanding! The Beer were chilled to the bone & food was finger licking good. We thank Tr. Nishchit for also hosting this event at his home.

It was business as usual with Tr. Rajdeep trying to leave the party early and Tr. Nithin using Ingenious methods like deflating Rajdeep vehicle’s tyre!

But all good things have end, especially the ones with good company. Soon it was time to say good bye and head our separate ways. But not before we re-inflated Rajdeep’s vehicle tyres.

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