LAPD Snake Awareness Program

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location: Eagle Eye Resort, Chickmagalur

Event Description: 41er Aditya Vattam from BVRT152 who is the founder member of Indian Website did a wonderful Awareness Program on Snakes. It was one of the exceptional event of the Area Twinklers Day Out.

He explained about the habitat of Snakes & made us understand the Concept of Living or facing Snakes .Guiding us about the awareness of co-existence b/w Humans & Snakes, in the process helped us to shed the Phobia and bought us one step close to the nature.

He had got around 7 varieties of Snakes and explained about the behavior of each one. Everyone includung Kids were very enthusiastic in listenting to the orientation. It was indeed a very informative Program & enjoyed by all.

About 120 Members attended this LAPD session.

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