National President’s Visit

 In Area 13, Fellowship

Event Location: Chikmagalur

Event Description: On September 17th 2019, It was our honour to receive our Round Table National President Tr. Piyush Daga, and to be inspired by his ambitions & goals for tabling.

 A Short Nature Trip to Begin With

It is our Chairman Tr. Nishchit’s dream to make every tabler who visits us to enjoy the amazing place we live in, that is Chikmagalur. Nestled among the hills of western ghats, Chikmagalur is the source of 5 great rivers, some amazing wildlife & also the location of Mullayanagiri, the highest peak of Karnataka. It is a much treasured lung space, in the fast changing, city loving world. As soon as Piyush & our Area Chairman Tr. Vinod Pinto arrived, we took them to Mullayanagiri, the crown jewel of our town. The valley views from the top of Mullyanagiri are breath taking. The monsoon climate only makes this place all the more beautiful with clouds covering these hills like a snow-white blanket. After spending some time atop the hill, it was already sundown and time to get back. Piyush later reiterated, that it was an amazing experience to have been on top of the mountain.

Back to Civilization

It was sundown by the time we reached Chikmagalur Golf club, the venue for the evening feast, where the rest of the tablers awaited to greet the guest of honour for the day. Greetings were quickly exchanged. And We all retired to the meeting hall.

Meeting Called to Order

We held a table meet wherein we discussed many key areas where we can improve tabling.

National President Tr. Piyush Daga in his address to the floor urged all tablers to participate in AEx, NEx, AAGMs & NAGMs more actively. He briefly explained the table national initiative, ‘Flight of Fantasy’ and encouraged our table to contribute and participate in this amazing initiative. He enlightened us as to how ‘Employ India’ is fast becoming a major pillar of round table initiatives along with ‘Freedom Through Education’ and again encouraged us to create projects & events around this initiative. To conclude he also informed us that Treasurers Online Module (TOM) is already live on the net & we should start utilizing the same. He thanked us for being an excellent host & concluded his speech.

 Area Chairman Tr. Vinod Pinto acknowledged that he is attending his first Meeting with CRT164 & was very happy to be here. He appreciated how tabling has evolved over the period of time & conveners are always coming up with some new ideas. He announced that the 2nd AEx will be held in Hubli in November with Hubli area as well. At the end he thanked for the Chikmagalur Tablers gracious hospitality.

Area Secretary Tr. Vinay & SMART266 Chairman Tr. Rakesh also spoke on the occasion, congratulated us on the great work we from CRT164 are doing, and wished us best of luck in the future.

Chairman Tr. Nishchit addressed the visiting guests including the guest of honour Tr. Piyush Daga and thanked them on behalf of the entire tabling fraternity of Chikmagalur Roundtable 164 for gracing us with their presence & enlightening us with the current on goings of tabling.

It was agreed to defer all other routine business to the following meeting to make time for the much anticipated fellowship event.

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