Chikmagalur Round Table 164

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“A small write-up about the Table”

Chikmagalur is nestled among the hills of western ghats. Coffee is first cultivated in India in Chikmagalur & It is now the home of Indian coffee. Chikmagalur is the source of great rivers like Tunga and Bhadra. It is home to some amazing wildlife in Kudremukh national park & Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. And also the location of Mullayanagiri, the highest peak of Karnataka. Chikmagalur round table was inaugurated on 30th March 2002.  Since our inception we have identified many needy schools for underprivileged that are operating under dilapidated conditions. We have stepped in wherever possible and helped those schools with projects ranging from building new classrooms & furnishers, clean drinking water projects to donating books & celebrating national holidays with the children of these schools.

Head Board

  • Tr. Nishchit
    Tr. Nishchit


  • Tr. Hima Keerthi
    Tr. Hima Keerthi

    Vice Chairman

  • Tr. Devanandan K
    Tr. Devanandan K


  • Tr. Sadgun Gowda
    Tr. Sadgun Gowda


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