Uplifting Homeless during COVID-19 Lockdown

 In Area 13, Special Event

Event Location:

Event Description: Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our regular life like never before. What we watched in fictional doomsday scenario movies from Hollywood are becoming too much of a reality for our liking. But this is the world we live in. And this is the time more than ever to help each other in the true spirit of Round Table! The full magnitude of this curfew is yet to dawn on many of us. Only time can tell how our lives will be affected & altered, maybe even forever. But the immediate and the most affected by this curfew are the poor & the homeless. The plight of the homeless dawned on us when one of our tabler was curfew shopping for essentials and a homeless man begging on the streets desperately started a conversation with our tabler. To the tabler’s astonishment, the homeless guy didn’t beg for money but instead enquired if there are any hotels or food joints that are open in the city? A simple question that says a lot about their plight. It simply means even if the homeless guy has some money to buy food for himself, there is not even a morsel of cooked food sold in the entire city!! Our tabler was moved but couldn’t help much other than sharing some fruits which he had just bought.
The Event As tablers, we know we are lot more capable than just handing over few fruits to one homeless guy. So, we grabbed on to the opportunity to help all the homeless of our town. We immediately contacted the police and other civic authorities if there is anything done about the homeless. We got the necessary information that all homeless people are being rounded up in a makeshift shelter to house them until things get better. We also gathered the groceries & food grains required to sustain the needy. We also ensured very minimal gathering of tablers during this event. This was done keeping in mind the social distancing that needs to be maintained by us. So only our Chairman Tr. Nishchit along Tr. Vinay Raj handled the whole event from procuring the requirement as well as donating to the concerned authorities.
THANK YOU! We are forever thankful for the Chikmagalur Police department & other relevant Government authorities who helped us in this community service drive. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further support may it be food requirements or medical & other safety requirements for these needy. More on this to follow!

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