Arming frontline personnel with PPEs

 In Area 13, Special Event

Event Location:

Event Description: Donating Personal Protection Equipment to our COVID-19 frontline personnel Across India, Round Table organization is doing various community services activities and making donations in kind towards government departments as well as other organizations who are at the frontline of our COVID-19 defence. Similarly, we from Chikmagalur Round Table were interested in pitching in where ever possible to the best of our abilities. In order to achieve this, we proactively contacted our Honourable Superintendent of Police Shree. Harish Pandey IPS and discussed that we would like to assist our brave Chikmagalur police by arming them with Personal Protection equipment (PPEs). SP was pleasantly surprized by our proactive thought and readily agreed to our suggestions. we immediately contacted the government approved vendor of PPEs placed in Hubli. Once orders were guaranteed, our SP immediately took the initiative of handling shipping & receiving of PPEs as it is difficult for us civilians to handle transportation during lockdown. Without further ado, we reached the SPs office and handed over a cheque of Rs. 25,000\- towards achieving the same.
THANK YOU! We are forever thankful for the Chikmagalur Police department & other relevant Government authorities who helped us in this community service drive. We sincerely hope this small contribution from us will help our Chikmagalur’s finest during these testing times. Many thanks to our honourable SP Shree. Harish Pandey for providing us this opportunity to do our bit to the community.


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