Arming frontline personnel with PPEs

Event Location:

Event Description: Donating Personal Protection Equipment to our COVID-19 frontline personnel Across India, Round Table organization is doing various community services activities and making donations in kind towards government departments as well as other organizations who are at the frontline of our COVID-19 defence. Similarly, we from Chikmagalur Round Table were interested in pitching in where ever possible to the best of our abilities. In order to achieve this, we proactively contacted our Honourable Superintendent of Police Shree. Harish Pandey IPS and discussed that we would like to assist our brave Chikmagalur police by arming them with Personal Protection equipment (PPEs). SP was pleasantly surprized by our proactive thought and readily agreed to our suggestions. we immediately contacted the government approved vendor of PPEs placed in Hubli. Once orders were guaranteed, our SP immediately took the initiative of handling shipping & receiving of PPEs as it is difficult for us civilians to handle transportation during lockdown. Without further ado, we reached the SPs office and handed over a cheque of Rs. 25,000\- towards achieving the same.
THANK YOU! We are forever thankful for the Chikmagalur Police department & other relevant Government authorities who helped us in this community service drive. We sincerely hope this small contribution from us will help our Chikmagalur’s finest during these testing times. Many thanks to our honourable SP Shree. Harish Pandey for providing us this opportunity to do our bit to the community.


Uplifting Homeless during COVID-19 Lockdown

Event Location:

Event Description: Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our regular life like never before. What we watched in fictional doomsday scenario movies from Hollywood are becoming too much of a reality for our liking. But this is the world we live in. And this is the time more than ever to help each other in the true spirit of Round Table! The full magnitude of this curfew is yet to dawn on many of us. Only time can tell how our lives will be affected & altered, maybe even forever. But the immediate and the most affected by this curfew are the poor & the homeless. The plight of the homeless dawned on us when one of our tabler was curfew shopping for essentials and a homeless man begging on the streets desperately started a conversation with our tabler. To the tabler’s astonishment, the homeless guy didn’t beg for money but instead enquired if there are any hotels or food joints that are open in the city? A simple question that says a lot about their plight. It simply means even if the homeless guy has some money to buy food for himself, there is not even a morsel of cooked food sold in the entire city!! Our tabler was moved but couldn’t help much other than sharing some fruits which he had just bought.
The Event As tablers, we know we are lot more capable than just handing over few fruits to one homeless guy. So, we grabbed on to the opportunity to help all the homeless of our town. We immediately contacted the police and other civic authorities if there is anything done about the homeless. We got the necessary information that all homeless people are being rounded up in a makeshift shelter to house them until things get better. We also gathered the groceries & food grains required to sustain the needy. We also ensured very minimal gathering of tablers during this event. This was done keeping in mind the social distancing that needs to be maintained by us. So only our Chairman Tr. Nishchit along Tr. Vinay Raj handled the whole event from procuring the requirement as well as donating to the concerned authorities.
THANK YOU! We are forever thankful for the Chikmagalur Police department & other relevant Government authorities who helped us in this community service drive. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further support may it be food requirements or medical & other safety requirements for these needy. More on this to follow!

Pride of Chikmagalur

Event Location: SP Office Conference Hall

Event Description: We take extreme pride in our Indian armed forces. Especially our law enforcement agencies that are in charge of our citizen’s safety & security. These officers go through rigorous training & recruitment process. They are expected to work tirelessly in many shifts for unimaginable number of hours. And more often than not, risk their life to maintain law & order in this country!

We from Chikmagalur round table take it upon us every year to honour the Police force who are in-charge of our law & order. The Traffic police who are in-charge of safeguarding passengers & pedestrians alike. And also, the forest officers who are in-charge of protecting our precious flora & fauna.

The day we entered our SP’s office to present the idea of this event, we were pleasantly surprised by the zeal with which our honourable SP Shri Harish Pandey IPS supported this idea. He immediately offered the SP Office conference hall itself as the venue of the event. He even directed & disposed his staff to help in organizing the event. We are forever grateful to have such a pro-active SP in our district. We from Chikmagalur Round Table thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

We in total selected 17 members from varied law enforcement agencies as well selected few good Samaritans from the public who have gone out of their way to serve the society. A total of 10 officers from Police force, 5 personnel from Forest Department and 2 civilians were selected.

We had our honourable SP Shri Harish Pandey as chief guest for the function, followed by ASP Shruthi & RFO as guest of honour.

Our fellow tabler Tr. Vinay Raj explained the gathered about Round Table India and Chikmagalur Round Table 164. He also reiterated the importance of our law enforcement agencies to our society with great examples. The quick welcoming & introduction was followed by the actual award ceremony.

Following honouring the brave individuals, SP sir spoke at length about the awardee’s bravery & achievements. He also reiterated how beautiful of Chikmagalur district is, and how police force & forest department is striving the maintain the same. Post the knowledgeable speech by SP Sir, various people gathered also shared their experiences with the crowd. Few very memorable real-life stories were narrated.

Tr. Devanandan gave the vote of thanks. Where he generously thanked SP Sir, as well as invitees and awardees. The event was followed by High tea. Freshly made masala dosa & jamun was served to the invitees and the awardees. We also personally thank AST Tr. Vinay & AFC Tr. Raghu to have made time & attend the event.

Children’s Day Celebrations with Asha Kirana School

Event Location: Asha Kirana School for the Sight Under-Privileged

Event Description: A visit to Asha Kirana School will make us realise, it is the normal people like us with all physical features intact and in working condition tend to curse destiny for some reason or the other. But these kids with disabilities possess a lot stronger & powerful willpower. It is clearly evident that somehow, they have converted their disability into their super power. It is an astonishing experience to see blind students so happy & energetic. We always assume world becomes a dark place without eyesight, but eyesight cannot be greater than inner vision.

We from Chikmagalur Round Table 164 had organized lunch for the students. Like all good things it started with a prayer. Followed by which, we & the kids together enjoyed sumptuous Payasa & fruits along with rice & sambar. Interacting with these kids & being part of something so heart whelming was a beautiful experience for us. An experience we will cherish for a long time.

TSD Rally

Event Location: Siri Nature Roost

Event Description:

TSD Rally
A regularity rally, also called time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of motorsport rally with the object of driving each segment of a Course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road and track sections.

What makes it fun
This rally is not about speed. In fact most of the rally stages will not even have average speeds more than 40 kmph. But this rally is the test of accuracy, mental ability & patience. The navigator who calculates the Time & Speed based on the tulip provided is as important as the driver himself. The team work between the navigator and the driver is always the key to winning this rally.

Motor sports club of chikmagalur
MSCC is an active sports club in Chikmagalur along with whom we teamed up to conduct this event. Chikmagalur Roundtable was one of the main sponsors of this event. This was mainly done as a publicity event, wherein Round table banners, flags & stickers were prominently displayed in all event venues including individual participating vehicles.

The event was split into 2 stages & spread across 2 days. Both the stage combined the participants had to cover about 200 Kms. Which is a humungous amount of drive time. Our Chairman Tr. Nishchit flagged off the event. The event prize distribution was done by our Sq Leg. Ajay.

Block level athletic meet

Event Location: Chikmagalur District Stadium

Event Description: Chikmagalur Roundtable 164 sponsored a block level sports tournament and athletic meet this year. A total of 1000 students participated in that event making it a huge success.

Independence Day Celebrations

Event Location: Bettadamali Govt School

Number of Students: 100

Event Description: We from Chikmagalur Roundtable celebrate Independence day with one of our adopted schools. This year we selected our recently adopted school, Bettadamalai Govt School.

We started the day with National flag hoisting and saluting the flag with patriotism flying high during the singing of national anthem. During the Independence day speech, our IPC Tr. Rajdeep promised to get the whole school repainted under one of the many projects to be undertaken by Roundtable Chikmagalur this tabling year. This new project aimed at improving the school’s dilapidated condition was welcomed with much reverence and applause from the school children as well as local citizens.

Later on after the formal function was concluded. A sumptuous breakfast and nutritious milk was arranged by Roundtable Chikmagalur for the children. All in all it was a wonderful day, wherein the children as well as we enjoyed celebrating the birth of our nation.

Flood relief campaign

Event Location: Chikmagalur

Event Description:

Disaster Struck Our Town

Nature unleashed its fury on our small town like we had never experienced before. Incessant torrential downpour upward of 1000 mm in a week’s time battered many of our lives & livelihood. Landslides, loss & destruction of property continued to mount (no statistics are still available from govt sources). And more importantly loss of life! We have six confirmed deaths and three more still missing. We had to do something and do it fast.

Relief Efforts

Day 1 🡪 10th Aug 2019

We from Chikmagalur Roundtable 164 first established contact with the affected region and gathered various places where rescue and rehabilitation centres are starting up. We also gathered immediate requirements that are critical to survival and started procuring those items.

So on day 1 we concentrated on food & related supplies like groceries, to feed those who had already gone without food for days. We also procured few essential clothing for those who are in need. It was well into the night by the time are completed the 1st run. It was an uphill battle we were fighting and were exhausted. But it was well worth the efforts. By night fall we had supplied food to more than 1000 people! And we were also proud to be the first organization or NGO that reached out for the people in need & help in any way we possibly could.

Day 2 & 3 🡪 11th & 12th Aug 2019

The 1st day run also ensured we got first hand information on what is required for continued rehabilitation efforts. Based on it we concentrated on providing more than 20 different kinds essential medicines, first aid kit, blankets, towels & shawls including sanitary pads for women.

Go Forward

For the first time in last 10 days, the rain has subsided in most parts of our district. But it doesn’t mean our work here is over by any measure. We will continue our efforts in rescue & rehabilitations. We will continue to monitor the situation and plan to stay active in our efforts this week. More news to come.

Chikmagalur RoundTable Eco-Drive

Event : Ever since the inception of roundtable Eco Drive about a decade ago, this event has fast become a tradition with many familiar faces and a few new ones joining us every year for this adrenaline pumping event. This year around we had about 70 vehicles and 250 people participating in this unique event.

Flag Off: The start point for the event was Khandya Club, which is about an hour’s drive from Chikmagalur town. We all gathered at 8:30 AM for breakfast & registration formalities. It was followed by driver’s briefing highlighting the Dos & Donts during the event. By 9:30 AM the lead vehicle was ready with the first convoy of participating vehicles. The event was flagged off by our Honourable M.L.A T.D Rajegowda.

The Drive: Spread across 4 estates, 22 kms of off-roads, terrain ranging from rocky mountains to knee deep slush, incessant rains everyday, and not to forget the altitude variations with a low of 3,000 Ft all the way up till 5,000 Ft. This track was every off-roader’s wet dreams.

As soon as we entered the first leg of the track. We were challenged by slushy, slippery & high incline road. All the jeeps started making their headway through the trail. With fellow participants cheering the drivers for successfully manoeuvring our vehicles through knee deep slush. The experience is one of a kind. To give just one of the many situations faced on this track. Imagine your jeep is pitted down a 70 degree slope terrain and to your horror you realize the only way is to go forward. You release the brake. Your heart skips a beat feeling your jeep’s galloping acceleration downhill. You jam on the brakes again but somehow brakes have become your enemy and accelerator your friend. All your off-roading instincts kick in, you fight with whatever little control you have over the vehicle. Ultimately your humble jeep defies physics and you reach safer grounds below. It is moments like this when machines such as the humble jeep is personified, loved more than humans! A sense of profound respect fills your heart for that simple piece of machine in your life. You feel free. You  feel you and your jeep together are invincible.

And just when we think this event is for the petrolheads and adrenaline junkies. The valley we are driving in opens up and the mist surrounding us clears. And we are thrown open to some breath taking views. Mountains with its arms extending beyond the horizon. Clouds that look like a white soft blanket covering the mountains. The mesmerizing malnad’s monsoon lending its super dramatic effects to the whole scene. You feel blissful, one with yourself.

The Evening: We completed the whole track by evening 7 PM. Made our way back to Siri Nature Roost. Where a cocktail party was organized with some great tracks played by our DJ Anil. The party went on late in to the night, much to the relief of participants.

We thank our sponsors for the event Force Motors (Kshathria Motors) & Powerland 4X4 ATV for their generous contribution. And also all the participants who participated in this event. We also thank each and everyone of tablers, HTs, & Sq Legs who has worked tirelessly for the success of this event. And
not the least every coffee grower who has given their estate for the track. Thanks again!

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