Smart 266 Fellowship with IPACS and Area Chairman and Area Circler Chair Person of Area 13

Event Location: RT Villa Mysore

Tablers in Attendance: 05 Tablers and Family

Event Description: Fellowship With Ipacs and Area Chairmans and Area Circler Chairperson at Tr Mayur Shah Residence Mysore.

Pre-Kiddathon Work Fellowship

Event Location: Oval Grounds, Mysore.

Tablers in Attendance: 6

Event Description: Kiddathon 2019 work was in full flow and time was not a constraint. Tablers of MERT 256 were there even when it went dark. Our AVC helped by bringing Ready Mix whiskey to the ground @ 10 p.m. to cheer up the boys. Boy we worked even harder after that or did we.

Fellowship at PUPA

Event Location: PUPA Pub, Mysore.

Tablers in Attendance: 7

Event Description: After a long day of packing 1000 goodie bags for our annual fundraiser “Kiddathon” Chairman treated all of us including the ladies for a nice refreshing round of beer @ PUPA Pub, Mysore.

Dinner Fellowship

Event Location: Tr Nithin Residence Basvaeshwar Nagar

Tablers in Attendance: 03

Event Description: Dinner fellowship at Tr Nithin House Basvaeshwar Nagar Shimoga

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