In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: Auditorium, Forum Fiza Mall, Mangalore

Event Description: ‘Beat2Beat’ was a unique well organised event by Music for change in association with MCRT 190. It was a music and dance competition for special children where they perform along with a mentor who will teach, prepare, guide and finally perform with them. There were more than 200 people who had come to witness this event and cheer the eager kids as they performed. The winners were given prizes and everyone who performed were given participation prizes. The amount raised was close to Rs 200000 and went entirely to the Music for change foundation.

The mentors took a lot of effort in the previous months preparing and teaching the kids, special mention were made for them as well during the event. The event was supported by the whole MCRT 190 team who were there along with their spouses and twinkers as well. MRT115 were also present in good numbers and cheered the kids as they performed.

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