Deralakatte Renovation

Event Location: Deralakatte Govt. School

Event Description: Inauguration of Deralakatte Renovation by Minister UT Khader. Tablers from MCRT 190 and MRT 115 were present for the event. Dr. Amitha Hegde was also present from NSPEC organisation.


NSPEC Genius Quiz

Event Location: Forum Fiza Mall, Mangalore

Event Description: The fund-raise is a unique quiz where the team comprised of students who are visually impaired, speech and hearing impaired, studying in government school and private school. The quiz challenges the students to work together and play on each others strengths. There are various rounds such as braille, chars, only Kannada round etc. There were around 10 teams participating with a final winning team who will get a prize of 20000rs. The event was overseen by chief guest DR. AMitha Hegde (NSPEC representative and Siddarth Shastry.

Mt. Fuji Climb

Event Location: Mt. Fuji

Event Description: Tr. Varun Rao successfully climbed Mt Fuji, highest mountain in Japan (12,389ft). Awareness was spread to the fellow climbers from different countries about RTI and their focus of freedom through education.

School Bag Distribution

Event Location: Bokkapatna Government school

Event Description: School bags were distributed to students of Bokkapatna Government school in the presence of Chairman Anand and Secretary Varun. 60 bags in total were distributed as part of the Independence Day event that was postponed.

12th AGM of MCRT 190

Event Location:  Ocean Pearl

Event Description:  The 12th AGM of MCRT 190 was held at Ocean Pearl followed by a pool in social by 5 tablers. The chief guest of the event was Area VC Vinod Pinto. Tablers from MRT 115 were present as well. The theme of the AGM was ‘DESI’. Meraj Yusuf was inducted as a tabler. Colin Pinto, Ajith Pai Maroor and Nishanth Shet retired with tokens of appreciation of the head board.

Books Donation

Event Location: Mannagudda Government school

Event Description: Books required for the schooling year was provided by MCRT 190 to all the students of Mannagudda Government School in the presence of Ajith Pai, Kiran, Vishal, Anand and the headmistress of the school

Umbrella Distribution

Event Location: Bokkapatna Government school

Event Description: Umbrellas were distributed to all the students of Bokkapatna Government school in the presence of Ajith Pai, Kiran, Vishal, Anand and the headmistress of the school.

United Toyota Safety March

Event Location: United Toyota, Bunts Hostel

Event Description: 

United Toyota, in association with Mangalore Coastal Round Table 190, conducted a walkathon on April 26 under the leadership of A Ram Gopal Rao and A Varun Rao, the directors of United Toyota. The Road Safety week was inaugurated on April 23 at United Toyota by A Prabhakar Rao, the chairman of United Toyota.

Though the awareness about traffic rules and regulations is high among the public, India still has the world’s highest number of road deaths. The walkathon was conducted to promote seriousness among the public about safety on the roads like wearing seat belts, wearing of helmets, adhering to traffic signal, non-usage of cell phones while driving etc. Toyota is one of the global leaders in safety standards and always strives towards the ultimate goal of zero traffic accident fatalities.

The walkathon was flagged off at Navbharath Circle, Kodialbail by Chairman of MCRT 190 Sudeesh Karunakarn. About 65 employees of United Toyota took part in the road rally by holding placards carrying messages promoting awareness about road safety, from Navbarath Circle Kodialbail to United Toyota showroom at Kadri Road, covering major areas of the city.

United Toyota Guiding Stars

Event Location: United Toyota, Padil

Event Description: ‘I don’t see, but I can Lead; I don’t speak, but I can Guide’ was a feeling that became each special child’s mantra today when they turned navigators for United Toyota Guiding Stars 2018 a treasure hunt for the specially abled. For the last seven years, Round Table Mangalore has dedicated a day of the year to champion the cause of special children. This year too was no different with the organization of Guiding Stars treasure hunt jointly by Round Table and CREDAI Mangalore. The special children were from the Roman and Catherine School for the Blind. Every one of the 25 odd participants from the public too felt that the experience was enriching – a spirit of competitiveness mixed with the flavour of true inclusivity.

The event was conducted in braille format. The route map for the event was scripted accordingly . In Braille, a language that the visually challenged use to read. These braille clues led people to various points around the city, Each team could progress only after the driver, his passengers and specially challenged navigator children, coordinated well enough to decipher the clues. The challenge then turned out to be one of communicating across natural barriers in order to decipher clues.

Dr. V. Ravichandran CEO Diya Systems, Mangalore, along with Mr D.B Mehta CREDAI President , Mangalore Chapter and Mr Prabhakar Rao Aroor Chairman of United Toyota flagged off the event from the United Toyota, Padil. In an address to the gathering, he congratulated the Mangalore Coastal Round table 190 for their contribution in the field of free public education. He further went on to say how life is lived not for oneself, but for others.

Mr. D.B. Mehta, president of CREDAI, Mangalore expressed his pleasure at having partnered with the Round Table and mentioned the recent projects of Round Table that have been jointly executed and achieved great success.

At the end point the chief guest Mr Ajith Rai Maladi, distributed the trophies and moments to the Winners and Nishanth Shet offered the vote of thanks.

The Treasure hunt ended at Mahesh PU College . Every participating team was given a framed photograph of their flag-off memento for their participation.

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