48th AGM of MRT 21

Event Location: North Avenue,Mysore Socials

Event Description: The 48th AGM of MRT 21 was hosted by GLMF Tr. Ram HH and Shreevidya. There were 5 retirements namely Tharun, Murtaza, Manish, Jagan and Vijay. One induction where we added Tr. Madhumalesh Prakash to our fold. Around 50 heads attended the event and fellowship. The AGM was crisp and had a smooth flow. Area Chairman Tr. Siddharth was our chief guest as well as observer. The post AGM fellowship went on until the evening, with everyone who attended having a good time.

Numbers: 50

Informal Night

Event Location: Bangalore Brew Works Poolside

Event Description: About 150 people attended the Informal Night, making it a success. Freshly brewed beers were downed true to the name Bangalore Binge. Tipsy tablers then found some solace in the swimming pool too! The party carried on until Bangalore’s restrictions on parties, with all attending having a gala time.
Kudos to Tr. Tharun, the AAGM convener for putting this evening together.

Independence Day

Event Location: Kumbarakoppal School, T S Subbanna School, KRS School, Kanakagiri School

Event Description: Tablers of MRT 21 were part of the flag hoisting celebration on occasion of the Independence day celebrations at the above mentioned schools. Sweets were distributed to about 350 students, and alongside, the below Non FTE projects were undertaken.

  1. At Kumbarakoppal School: A Water Purifier was installed and inaugurated, thereby impacting positively the needs of 100 school children.
  2. At Kanakagiri School: Plates and steel tumblers were donated to about 100 school children.
  3.  At T S Subbanna School: Two big flasks and a 15 Kg. rice cooking cauldron with lid was donated, thereby aiding 100 school children, especially girls.
  4. At KRS School: School bags with books and pencil box kits were donated to 50 school children


Event Location: Chancery Pavilion

Event Description: 150 plus people including tablers, circlers, square legs and tablers’ spouse and family attended the COB, making it a memorable event for the incoming Area Chairman Tr. Siddharth Shastry and Area Chairperson Cr. Sangeetha Mahesh. Post COB party was a night to remember with some amazing numbers played by the DJ to which a lot of people danced in high spirits.

Kudos to Tr. Tharun, Tr. Manish, Tr. Vishnu and the circlers for bringing together a fantastic AAGM.

Bangalore Binge Business session

Event Location: Chancery Pavillion

Event Description: he AAGM business session started by 11 30 AM, with 90% quorum, and a total of 83 registrations. A host of awards were given away by Area Chairman Tr. Mayur Shah in celebration of a successful year gone by. SRT 166 and MART 156 stole the show with maximum awards between them.
The Sergeant made some couples do funny acts and also did a fine job of maintaining decorum and collecting fines. Highlight was Tr. Rakesh, our pole dancing babe, dancing around the in-house pole Tr. Jai!

Table AGM

Event Location: Chancery Pavilion Bangalore

Event Description: 10 of 16 tablers along with 2 square legs and tablers’ spouse graced the table AGM where outgoing Chairman Tr. Manish showcased the year gone by with a video, in the presence of Area Observer AVC Tr. Siddharth and guests AST Tr. Vinod Pinto and Area Chairman and table IPC Tr. Mayur Shah. Tr. Manish then gave away awards to his tablers and passed on the Chairman jewel to Tr. Ram HH. Tr. Ram invited AC AVC AST and IPC to inaugurate the theme for the year 2018-19 “Now’s the time” and then appointed his office bearers and conveners with the aid of a video.

Chamundi School new class room block ground breaking ceremony

Event Location: Chamundi School, Mysore

Event Description: Ground breaking ceremony of new class room at Chamundi School .

Total project cost 400000 Rs
RTIF fund – 150000 Rs
TENIN Belgium 21- 250000 Rs

Republic Day celebrations at Kanakagiri School

Event Location: Kanakagiri school Mysore

Event Description: Republic Day celebrations were held at Kanakagiri school where they felicitated the school cleaners who have been working there for the past 5 years. It was a very heart warming gesture by the school management
Prize distribution ceremony was also held where children who had excelled in sports and other activities were felicitated


Event Location: Lions West school Mysore

Event Description: An inter school cultural competition along with MLC9 at Lions West school. This year we had 12 schools with 173 students participating in the event.

Jaffa Chennai

Event Location: Chennai

Event Description: The first RTI OLYMPKIKS was held in Chennai hosted by Madras Anchorage RT100 various sporting events like Long jump,arm wrestling, tug of war, badminton, throw ball, volley ball, table tennis , cricket and other sporting events were held .

Area 13 tables participated in good numbers and won prizes in various sports categories

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