Mysore warriors match

Event Location: Mysore

Event Description: A big thank you to Vishnu Ranga who organised the passes for us to see the warriors in action . It was a nail biting match which made for a exciting and enjoyable evening

Numbers: 50

Kite festival

Event Location: Mysore

Event Description: MHRT 109 did a fabulous job with hosting the kite festival . Kids along with the tablers and circlers had a very enjoyable afternoon . It brought out the child in everyone and was a very enjoyable event

Numbers: 75

48th Charter night

Event Location: Mysore Golf Club

Event Description: 48th Charter night was a great Event and we had a joint meeting along with Hearty 40-118 &MLC-9 . Area 13 Chairman Vinod Pinto ,Area 13 Chairperson Nidhi Shah and Area VC Ravi kumar were present for the event . 41 ers supported the event by coming in good numbers and also made a generous donation to MRT21 & MLC 9 . We personally thank Dr Devaiah Chairman hearty 40-118 for his support for the event . We also extend our appreciation to Cr Nithya Vari chairperson MLC-9 for supporting the event

Numbers: 40

KRS school & Divya Deepa Trust Mysore

Event Location: KRS school & Divya Deepa Trust Mysore

Event Description: we donated 40 no’s school bags at KRS school and 50 chairs at Divyadeepa trust at a total project coat of 50000 rs

Numbers: 7

Mysore warriors jersey launch

Event Location: North Avenue Mysore

Event Description: Jersey launch party for the mysore warriors cricket team . It was an grand and well organised party attended by all the 4 tables in mysore

Numbers: 175

Forever 156 Socials

Event Location: Windflower back lawns

Event Description: It was an amazing socials hosted by the 41 ners of 156 and it was an awesome night and tablers and circlers partied till the wee hours of the morning

Numbers: 125

Budget chai

Event Location: Chai point Mysore

Event Description: Budget chai fellowship for under 500 rs. It was a joint fellowship along with MLC-9 and MRT21

Numbers: 14

Area AGM

Event Location: Shimoga

Event Description: It was one of the most eventful and memorable area AGM hosted by the Shimoga tables and circles we had an amazing time and the parties really rocked hard . Awesome job done by the Shimoga boys and girls and hats off to them for pulling off such an amazing event

Numbers: 150

Chat Fellowhip

Event Location: Pataka

Event Description: Chat fellowship of MRT 21 and MLC 9 with twinklers.

Numbers: 15

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