Event Location:

Medium: BIG FM 92.7

Publicity Topic: “KIDDATHON 2019”

Event Description: An interview for promoting KIDDATHON 2019 in BIG FM 92.7 was arranged with RJ AVINASH. The Interview was telecast on 25-10-2019.

Kiddathon Auto Publicity

Event Location:

Publicity Topic: “KIDDATHON 2019”

Event Description: In our next step to generate maximum visibility we pasted posters of our event KIDDATHON 2019 on auto backs generating great response for the event

Times of India Newspaper Publicity

Event Location:

Medium: Times of India Newspaper

Publicity Topic: FTE Project Details

Event Description: FTE projects of MERT 256 was mentioned in the 3rd page of the of the daily newspaper highlighting our efforts in providing quality infrastructure to schools in need.

Mysore in a Market

Event Location:

Medium: Windflower Lawns, Mysore

Publicity Topic: KIDDATHON 2019

Event Description:We would like to thank Cr.Nidhi Shah, Chairperson, Area 13 Ladies Circle, for letting us publicize our flagship fundraiser KIDDATHON 2019 @ Mysore in a Market event organised by her as a Area 13 Joint Fellowship Initiative.

FTE Project Details

Event Location:

Medium: Deccan Herald Newspaper

Publicity Topic: FTE Project Details

Event Description: Our First FTE project was highlighted and a detailed half page description was given in the 3rd page of the of the daily.

TSD Rally

Event Location: Siri Nature Roost

Event Description:

TSD Rally
A regularity rally, also called time-speed-distance or TSD rally, is a type of motorsport rally with the object of driving each segment of a Course in a specified time at a specified average speed. The rally is usually conducted on public roads, but sometimes includes off-road and track sections.

What makes it fun
This rally is not about speed. In fact most of the rally stages will not even have average speeds more than 40 kmph. But this rally is the test of accuracy, mental ability & patience. The navigator who calculates the Time & Speed based on the tulip provided is as important as the driver himself. The team work between the navigator and the driver is always the key to winning this rally.

Motor sports club of chikmagalur
MSCC is an active sports club in Chikmagalur along with whom we teamed up to conduct this event. Chikmagalur Roundtable was one of the main sponsors of this event. This was mainly done as a publicity event, wherein Round table banners, flags & stickers were prominently displayed in all event venues including individual participating vehicles.

The event was split into 2 stages & spread across 2 days. Both the stage combined the participants had to cover about 200 Kms. Which is a humungous amount of drive time. Our Chairman Tr. Nishchit flagged off the event. The event prize distribution was done by our Sq Leg. Ajay.

Toilet Block Inauguration Alkola Government School

Event Location:

Event Description: September 17 was a very memorable day for smart 266 since we have inaugurated our toilet block for alkola government school it was immense pleasure to see the happiness from the teachers and children. It was inaugurated by our national president piyush daga and witnessed by our area chairman vinod pinto and area secretary vinay t r and supported by our srt 166. The inauguration was published by our local news paper and it was a grand success for smart 266.

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