Inauguration of the Pavers Block at Begavalli Govt School

Event Location: Begavalli Govt School

Time: 10.30

Tablers in Attendance: 10

Event Description: Smart 266 table as done a project of pavers block installation @ begavalli govt school with the support of school teachers Head master :Thimmaih, prema, gayatri and local gram panchayat president suresh and pavers manufacturer manu were supported us for this project in all aspects it was a really a happy moment for us to work in thirthalli taluk school of shimoga district it was mainly did for the school kids due to mud ,dust, was entering towards school premises it was a muddy area near the corridor they use to have food and also classes were near they can’t even sit due to heavy dust . And parents were also felt happy and also localities School kids were happy

Donation of Books and Chocolates by MHRT 109

Event Location: KUKKARAHALLI Govt School, Mysore

Event Description: Chairman of MHRT 109 Tr.Sandeep invited us to their project – Donation of Books and Chocolates to school children of KUKKARAHALLI Govt School, Mysore the adopted school of MHRT 109. Four tablers from MERT 256 attended the event.

Numbers: 04

Book donation at Gutiyappa Colony Government School

Event Location: Gutiyappa Govt School

Event Description: Book donation at Gutiyappa Colony Government School was done. Totally 160 books were being donated.

Contribution – ₹2500

Numbers: 6 Tablers Attended

Flood Relief School Bags and Books distribution

Event Location: Killur, Mangalore

Event Description: 17th August – Chairman Tr Sandeep D’silva again took initiative to help the students of a local Government school in Killur. 20 Children were identified and provided School bags and Books. These students had lost their School bags and all the books due to the floods. Even with such Natural Disasters Education should not be hampered !! Education is Freedom !!
Cost of the project was Rs 11,000.

Numbers: 1 tabler

Independence Day Celebration & Go Green project

Event Location: Gutiyappa govt School Shimoga

Event Description: Independence Day Celebration & Go Green project was being performed at Gutiyappa Government School by planting sappling’s by the school children on the occasion of Independance Day and followed by breakfast joint fellowship with srt 166

Numbers: 10 Tablers Attended

Deskit Distribution an Ladies Circle India Initiative

Event Location: Govt Higher Primary School, Madahalli, Mysore

Event Description: A joint project initiated by MELC 141 and supported by MERT 256 as part of Ladies Circle India Initiative, we distributed “DESKITS” to children of Govt Higher Primary School, Madahalli, Mysore, the school children did not have tables and chairs & had to sit on the ground to read or write.

Numbers:6 tablers & 4 circlers

Organ Donation & Desk Donation

Event Location: Rotary High school, VV mohalla government school & Nele orphanage

Event Description: Supported project initiative by rotary Mysore (zone 7) in Organ Donation and later distributed 30 desk of comforts to students of VV mohalla government school & Nele orphanage.

Numbers: 5 tablers, 3 circlers & 1 circling prospect

Toilet Block Inauguration

Event Location: Subbanna School, Kyatnahalli

Event Description: FTA project inauguration. Toilet block was built for boys and girls. This project was executed with contributions from Ladies circle 108 and FTA grant. Overall project cost was approx. Rs 3 lakhs.

Numbers:Area chairman, Ladies Circle President, Tablers, circlers.

Classroom Inauguration

Event Location:  Kaniyana Hundi Govt School

Event Description: FTE Classroom project inauguration. 2 new clsssrooms were built and the existing school was renovated.This project was executed with part financial assistance from Netherlands 156 table. Overall project cost was approx. Rs 12 lakhs.

Numbers: Area chairman, Tablers, 3 circlers.

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