Chikmagalur RoundTable Eco-Drive

 In Area 13, Fund Raiser

Event : Ever since the inception of roundtable Eco Drive about a decade ago, this event has fast become a tradition with many familiar faces and a few new ones joining us every year for this adrenaline pumping event. This year around we had about 70 vehicles and 250 people participating in this unique event.

Flag Off: The start point for the event was Khandya Club, which is about an hour’s drive from Chikmagalur town. We all gathered at 8:30 AM for breakfast & registration formalities. It was followed by driver’s briefing highlighting the Dos & Donts during the event. By 9:30 AM the lead vehicle was ready with the first convoy of participating vehicles. The event was flagged off by our Honourable M.L.A T.D Rajegowda.

The Drive: Spread across 4 estates, 22 kms of off-roads, terrain ranging from rocky mountains to knee deep slush, incessant rains everyday, and not to forget the altitude variations with a low of 3,000 Ft all the way up till 5,000 Ft. This track was every off-roader’s wet dreams.

As soon as we entered the first leg of the track. We were challenged by slushy, slippery & high incline road. All the jeeps started making their headway through the trail. With fellow participants cheering the drivers for successfully manoeuvring our vehicles through knee deep slush. The experience is one of a kind. To give just one of the many situations faced on this track. Imagine your jeep is pitted down a 70 degree slope terrain and to your horror you realize the only way is to go forward. You release the brake. Your heart skips a beat feeling your jeep’s galloping acceleration downhill. You jam on the brakes again but somehow brakes have become your enemy and accelerator your friend. All your off-roading instincts kick in, you fight with whatever little control you have over the vehicle. Ultimately your humble jeep defies physics and you reach safer grounds below. It is moments like this when machines such as the humble jeep is personified, loved more than humans! A sense of profound respect fills your heart for that simple piece of machine in your life. You feel free. You  feel you and your jeep together are invincible.

And just when we think this event is for the petrolheads and adrenaline junkies. The valley we are driving in opens up and the mist surrounding us clears. And we are thrown open to some breath taking views. Mountains with its arms extending beyond the horizon. Clouds that look like a white soft blanket covering the mountains. The mesmerizing malnad’s monsoon lending its super dramatic effects to the whole scene. You feel blissful, one with yourself.

The Evening: We completed the whole track by evening 7 PM. Made our way back to Siri Nature Roost. Where a cocktail party was organized with some great tracks played by our DJ Anil. The party went on late in to the night, much to the relief of participants.

We thank our sponsors for the event Force Motors (Kshathria Motors) & Powerland 4X4 ATV for their generous contribution. And also all the participants who participated in this event. We also thank each and everyone of tablers, HTs, & Sq Legs who has worked tirelessly for the success of this event. And
not the least every coffee grower who has given their estate for the track. Thanks again!

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