Children’s Day Celebrations with Asha Kirana School

 In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: Asha Kirana School for the Sight Under-Privileged

Event Description: A visit to Asha Kirana School will make us realise, it is the normal people like us with all physical features intact and in working condition tend to curse destiny for some reason or the other. But these kids with disabilities possess a lot stronger & powerful willpower. It is clearly evident that somehow, they have converted their disability into their super power. It is an astonishing experience to see blind students so happy & energetic. We always assume world becomes a dark place without eyesight, but eyesight cannot be greater than inner vision.

We from Chikmagalur Round Table 164 had organized lunch for the students. Like all good things it started with a prayer. Followed by which, we & the kids together enjoyed sumptuous Payasa & fruits along with rice & sambar. Interacting with these kids & being part of something so heart whelming was a beautiful experience for us. An experience we will cherish for a long time.

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