Flood relief campaign

 In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: Chikmagalur

Event Description:

Disaster Struck Our Town

Nature unleashed its fury on our small town like we had never experienced before. Incessant torrential downpour upward of 1000 mm in a week’s time battered many of our lives & livelihood. Landslides, loss & destruction of property continued to mount (no statistics are still available from govt sources). And more importantly loss of life! We have six confirmed deaths and three more still missing. We had to do something and do it fast.

Relief Efforts

Day 1 🡪 10th Aug 2019

We from Chikmagalur Roundtable 164 first established contact with the affected region and gathered various places where rescue and rehabilitation centres are starting up. We also gathered immediate requirements that are critical to survival and started procuring those items.

So on day 1 we concentrated on food & related supplies like groceries, to feed those who had already gone without food for days. We also procured few essential clothing for those who are in need. It was well into the night by the time are completed the 1st run. It was an uphill battle we were fighting and were exhausted. But it was well worth the efforts. By night fall we had supplied food to more than 1000 people! And we were also proud to be the first organization or NGO that reached out for the people in need & help in any way we possibly could.

Day 2 & 3 🡪 11th & 12th Aug 2019

The 1st day run also ensured we got first hand information on what is required for continued rehabilitation efforts. Based on it we concentrated on providing more than 20 different kinds essential medicines, first aid kit, blankets, towels & shawls including sanitary pads for women.

Go Forward

For the first time in last 10 days, the rain has subsided in most parts of our district. But it doesn’t mean our work here is over by any measure. We will continue our efforts in rescue & rehabilitations. We will continue to monitor the situation and plan to stay active in our efforts this week. More news to come.

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