Genius NSPECC Quiz 2017

 In Area 13, Fund Raiser

Event Location: Forum Mall

Event Description: MCRT 190 had organised a Fundraiser called NSPECC Genius 2017. The Quiz is unique where, the team comprises of 5 students, one who is visually impaired, one who is hearing impaired, one from a government school and two from private schools. It is sponsored by NITTE University as part of NITTE special child care project. The objective of the quiz is to showcase the talents of the visually and hearing impaired students and to encourage interaction between them with the other students. The platform also helps audiences gain general knowledge and see these students perform. There format consists of five rounds with various categories such as Braille round, Charades round, General knowledge etc. Mrs. Amitha Hegde who is Sr. Prof. And HOD, Dept of Pedontics and preventive Dentistry, AB shetty institute of dental sciences was the chief guest. The winners were given prizes in the form of certificates, trophies and cash prize of Rs 25000 in form of a fixed deposit redeemable after 3 years. Since it was held in forum mall, there was constant footfall for the event. The audience and quiz members were given refreshments arranged by McDonalds.

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