Independence Day

 In Area 13, Area Events

Event Location: Kumbarakoppal School, T S Subbanna School, KRS School, Kanakagiri School

Event Description: Tablers of MRT 21 were part of the flag hoisting celebration on occasion of the Independence day celebrations at the above mentioned schools. Sweets were distributed to about 350 students, and alongside, the below Non FTE projects were undertaken.

  1. At Kumbarakoppal School: A Water Purifier was installed and inaugurated, thereby impacting positively the needs of 100 school children.
  2. At Kanakagiri School: Plates and steel tumblers were donated to about 100 school children.
  3.  At T S Subbanna School: Two big flasks and a 15 Kg. rice cooking cauldron with lid was donated, thereby aiding 100 school children, especially girls.
  4. At KRS School: School bags with books and pencil box kits were donated to 50 school children
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