Joint Area Cataract Operation Project

 In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: Mangalore

Event Description: Joint Area Cataract Operation Project with Shankara Eye Foundation Ladies Circle India had tied up with Shankara Eye Foundation where rural eye check up camps are conducted, patients are brought back to the hospital, cataract surgeries performed and are dropped back to their respective villages on day 3.

Cost of surgery – ₹5000 per cataract surgery Grant available because of tie up – ₹3500 Hence we paid only ₹1500 per cataract surgery. Each table/circle contributed ₹5000 and were able to give clear vision to 50 patients wherein the total project cost is ₹250000 but our
contribution remained at ₹5000 per table and circle.

Numbers: 1 tabler with 1 circler

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