Pride of Chikmagalur

 In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: SP Office Conference Hall

Event Description: We take extreme pride in our Indian armed forces. Especially our law enforcement agencies that are in charge of our citizen’s safety & security. These officers go through rigorous training & recruitment process. They are expected to work tirelessly in many shifts for unimaginable number of hours. And more often than not, risk their life to maintain law & order in this country!

We from Chikmagalur round table take it upon us every year to honour the Police force who are in-charge of our law & order. The Traffic police who are in-charge of safeguarding passengers & pedestrians alike. And also, the forest officers who are in-charge of protecting our precious flora & fauna.

The day we entered our SP’s office to present the idea of this event, we were pleasantly surprised by the zeal with which our honourable SP Shri Harish Pandey IPS supported this idea. He immediately offered the SP Office conference hall itself as the venue of the event. He even directed & disposed his staff to help in organizing the event. We are forever grateful to have such a pro-active SP in our district. We from Chikmagalur Round Table thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

We in total selected 17 members from varied law enforcement agencies as well selected few good Samaritans from the public who have gone out of their way to serve the society. A total of 10 officers from Police force, 5 personnel from Forest Department and 2 civilians were selected.

We had our honourable SP Shri Harish Pandey as chief guest for the function, followed by ASP Shruthi & RFO as guest of honour.

Our fellow tabler Tr. Vinay Raj explained the gathered about Round Table India and Chikmagalur Round Table 164. He also reiterated the importance of our law enforcement agencies to our society with great examples. The quick welcoming & introduction was followed by the actual award ceremony.

Following honouring the brave individuals, SP sir spoke at length about the awardee’s bravery & achievements. He also reiterated how beautiful of Chikmagalur district is, and how police force & forest department is striving the maintain the same. Post the knowledgeable speech by SP Sir, various people gathered also shared their experiences with the crowd. Few very memorable real-life stories were narrated.

Tr. Devanandan gave the vote of thanks. Where he generously thanked SP Sir, as well as invitees and awardees. The event was followed by High tea. Freshly made masala dosa & jamun was served to the invitees and the awardees. We also personally thank AST Tr. Vinay & AFC Tr. Raghu to have made time & attend the event.

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