The Experience

 In Area 13, Fund Raiser

Event Location: BMS hotel, Mangalore

Event Description: MRT 115, MLC 82 along with MCRT 190 had organised a fund raiser cum publicity event in association with BMS hotel called ‘The Experience’. Part of the profits of the event (if any) will be shared among the tables equally by BMS Hotel. The event started off with an hour of stand up comedy by Sumuki Suresh of AIB fame. This was followed up by DJ performances by India’s premier DJs- Sonic X, Dance republic (Nikhil Chinnappa + Rohit Barker). The crowd loved the event in this one of a kind set up and danced the night away. Ticket sales were relatively good considering that a lot of other religious and wedding functions were there that weekend. The event also generated a lot of publicity and even the performers were made aware of RTI and the Freedom through education themed smart classes.

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