Inaguration of The Toilet Block Alkola Govt School

 In Area 13, Non FTE Projects

Event Location: Alkola Govt School

No of Tablers Attended: 20

Event Description:  Its our honour to invite our national president to Shimoga as well as to our ALKOLA govt school for the TOILET BLOCK INAGURATION

Along with our Area chairmen Vinod pinto

And AST Tr Vinay and Tr Vinay from Mysore and SRT 166 tablers and our SMART 266 tablers We have inaugurated toilet block in the school all the teachers,parents , children’s were happy it was in the city . So children’s were not supposed go out of the school boys & Girls it was difficult for them

So separate toilets for both boys & girls toilet block inaugurated by our national president and had a small talk in the school by our guests and distributed sweets by our guests for the students.

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