Inauguration of the Pavers Block at Begavalli Govt School

 In Area 13, FTE Projects

Event Location: Begavalli Govt School

Time: 10.30

Tablers in Attendance: 10

Event Description: Smart 266 table as done a project of pavers block installation @ begavalli govt school with the support of school teachers Head master :Thimmaih, prema, gayatri and local gram panchayat president suresh and pavers manufacturer manu were supported us for this project in all aspects it was a really a happy moment for us to work in thirthalli taluk school of shimoga district it was mainly did for the school kids due to mud ,dust, was entering towards school premises it was a muddy area near the corridor they use to have food and also classes were near they can’t even sit due to heavy dust . And parents were also felt happy and also localities School kids were happy

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