Table AGM

 In Area 13, Area Events

Event Location: Chancery Pavilion Bangalore

Event Description: 10 of 16 tablers along with 2 square legs and tablers’ spouse graced the table AGM where outgoing Chairman Tr. Manish showcased the year gone by with a video, in the presence of Area Observer AVC Tr. Siddharth and guests AST Tr. Vinod Pinto and Area Chairman and table IPC Tr. Mayur Shah. Tr. Manish then gave away awards to his tablers and passed on the Chairman jewel to Tr. Ram HH. Tr. Ram invited AC AVC AST and IPC to inaugurate the theme for the year 2018-19 “Now’s the time” and then appointed his office bearers and conveners with the aid of a video.

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