‘Knights in Khakhi’ At Hotel Clarks Inn, Shimoga

 In Area 13, Publicity

Event Location: Hotel Clarks Inn, Shimoga

Event Description: For the first time in the history of SHIMOGA round tables we did mega publicity event “Knights in khakhi” by felicitating 7 policemen of our district of different police station.

chief guests for the event are –

  1. Shimoga District Collector Dr.Lokesh
  2. superintendent of Police, Shimoga
  3. Area chairman- Area-13 Tr.Mayur Shah
  4. AST area -13 Tr. Vinod Pinto
  5. Area chairperson – area 13 Lc.Sharon Pinto
  6. Area VC -Area-13 – Tr.Siddarth Shastryvin

The event was covered and published by almost all the news paper of the district.

It was a joint publicity event with SRT166

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